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Meet with your dietitian in a virtual appointment. We will be on our nutrition app with you, looking over your weekly success and counseling you to through healthy eating practices.

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Hi, There!

I’m Rachel.

I am the staff dietitian at The Virtual Personal Trainer and owner of The ReCode Diet. I have a degree in dietetics from the University of Arizona. I have also been certified as Holistic Nutritionist by the Candadian School of Holistic Nutrition. There is no one program that fits all but their is a perfect solution just for you. Let’s go find it!



Personal Nutrition

We conduct 1 on 1 virtual nutrition coaching sessions where we provide counseling on healthy eating strategies and custom meal plans. Each session will be designed to meet your needs and provide you with the materials you need before your next session.

Family Nutrition

Our Dietitian is also a mom and a wife, she understands the importance of incorporating your healthy food into your family’s eat plan as well. We create strategies for families or working your dietary needs into an overall integrated plan with family meals.


Depening on your program, you can enter your daily info into our nutrition app, we can use pdf’s or even do it by notebook and paper. Whichever approach suits you best, we have the tools to accommodate you.

Custom Meal Plans Perfectly for You

We encourage you to prepare your own foods an provide you with recipes and strategies to accomplish this.

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