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Best Equipment for Online Personal Training


I’ve never been into complicated leg extension and pull down machines, I like my equipment to be simple and not need to be plugged in or maintenanced on a regular basis.

There are 3 items in my fitness equipment arsenal that I use most: the kettlebell, suspension trainer and super bands. Everything but push pull and curl exercises can be done bodyweight. So you don’t need much beyond your own body to have an unlimited supply of exercises at your fingertips.

There are lots of companies that sell bands but I recommend when you buy online to purchase Spri. They are consistently quality bands and will last. Other, off brand names may be cheaper but are likely to snap on you.


I like to train outside whenever the weather permits. Metal doesn’t like to go with me. I avoid dumbells and barbells because they are bulky, require a lot of sets to be effective and aren’t great for taking outside. Suspension trainers, bands and sand bags all are highly mobile, don’t rust and are great outdoors on a sunny day. Plus, to change the resistence all you need to do is adjust your grip, your angle or add/subtract some sand. 


We won’t train if getting setup isn’t convenient. Motivation is a big part of keeping a consistent training schedule. If I feel like there is going to be a lot of setup time and it will cut into the short time I have to workout, I tend to skip. I’ve learned this about myself so I keep it simple and convenient. I have two kettlebells, one for swings and squats and another for lifts, 3 sets of super bands, light to heavy and a suspension trainer. I can take this small kit anywhere and it takes two trips to get it from the truck or room to where I’m going to train. It would be one trip but the squat kettlebell is 44kg. 


Simple and Versatile is the Key to Equipment Selection for Online Personal Training.


When I purchase a piece of equipment, especially for online training, I make sure that it has more than one use. The more exercises I can do with it the better. This is important for two reasons, one, intensity. If I can use a sand bag for squats, rows and presses, then I can create a high intensity 45/45/45 interval that gets my heart rate up without switching between machines or weights. The same for my clients in an online appointment. If I can use super bands and move from a curl to a front press, then tricep extension, I’m keeping the intensity up and they are getting a great workout. Versatility is key when choosing equipment for online or at home training.


Basic is Good

Don’t confuse basic for cheap. In fitness, you get what you pay for, especially when you purchase online. I avoid complicated pieces of equipment that tout a full body workout. If I can see how I can lift it, press it or squat with it without an instructional booklet, then it is probably basic enough for me. Sand Bags and Super Bands are two of the most basic pieces of equipment that don’t need much instruction to know how to use. A good trainer will unlock myriad exercises with equipment like this that will hit every muscle in your body.


Sand bags or water bags are great. They travel well and are extremely versatile. The shifting weight is great for core stabilization and the different handle holds allow fo a nearly unlimited selection of exercises.

Don’t Go Cheap

Everything I recommend isn’t inherently expensive but I wouldn’t try to find the cheapest version of it either. Bands made of good, consistent latex are essential. Kettlebells with nice grips and good handle shape will change how you train. Suspension trainers with good clips and strong carabiner will give you a  better sense of safety. Going cheap, at best, provides a terrible workout experience, at worst, could be dangerous if a band snaps or a carabiner brakes. I can’t emphasize this more, always buy from a reputable online retailer or go to your local fitness equipment supplier and test out the equipment before you purchase.

Equipment Essential Traits


  • Versatile: can be used for multiple exercises and muscle groups.
  • Quality: make sure that you aren’t buying the cheapest. Grips, materials and tensile strength are key to safety and good exercise experience.
  • Mobility: make sure your equipment travels well. You want to be able to take your gym on the road.
  • Weather proof: Outdoor training is more beneficial than being indoors. Make sure you can take your equipment outside. 


Comparison is to traditional gym equipment.
  • COST 10% 10%
  • CONVENIENCE 100% 100%
  • MOBILITY 90% 90%


Virtual Personal Training doesn’t require traveling to your trainer or the cost of them traveling to you. 30 Minutes a day is all you really need to improve health and without the burden of driving, parking and changing in a gym or studio, virtual personal training makes 30 minute a day workouts more available and time-cost effective.

If your virtual personal trainer can record the workout, you can repeat it multiple times before your next meeting. This makes virtual personal training even more cost effective and consistent.


If you have a computer and a decent internet connection, that is all you really need.

Simple & Effective

1. Private Appointments

Meet your trainer in an interactive online appointment with only you and your personal trainer.

2. Consistant

Your Virtual Trainer can record their instruction for you to repeat in between live sessions.

3. Cost Effective

Appointments are generally 50% of the cost of in-person appointments. Made more cost effective when you count gas, time and gym membership dues.

In Conclusion

Virtual Personal Training is growing into a huge industry in the next year. In previous years, poor internet connections and lack of understanding how to log into online meetings made progress slow. Now that virtual appointments have become commonplace, people are searching for a virtual personal trainer more frequently. Most of us have gained some weight since the lockdowns have started and will need accountability and professional direction to get back on course to a healthy lifestyle. Make sure you meet your trainer online before you purchase any costly packages, you want to know that they have the actual technology to hold a quality session. Also, you want to determine that your online trainer will be able to provide you with the right intensity in the online format. It is a skill than not everyone has acquired.




The 30 Minute Workout

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