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What is Intermittent Fasting?

Fasting Windows

An intermittent fasting window is the time that you are in the fast. It is recommended that you have a minimum of a 12 hour fasting window. For example, if you stop eating at 8pm then you could begin eating again at 8am. That would be a typical 12 hour window. You can start with 12 but it is recommended that you build up to a 16 hour daily fasting window. 

Green tea during an intermittent fast

Benefits You Will Feel

Most people notice that when they get used to the 16 hour fasting window they feel increased energy during the window, more clear thinking and greater focus. I have also found that I make healthier eating decisions. It is hard to eat something sugary or oily after a 16 hour fast. You generally desire something wholesome, healthy and filling.


Nuturally you will consume fewer calories, while your stomach doesn’t actually shrink over weeks of intermittent fasting, it does adapt to a smaller volume of food and signals the feeling of being full with less calories. I choose to purchase higher quality organic foods and I still save money while I’m intermittent fasting. 


Cup of Black Coffee
Intermittent Fasting Uses Daily Fasting Windows to Achieve Ketosis.
Water intake during intermittent fasting



This may be very “sciency” but it is what you are fasting to accomplish. In basic terms ketosis is when your body starts dumping “ketones” into the blood, this is the conversion of fat into energy. It usually takes about 12 hours of fasting before your body goes into a state of Ketosis. If you were to reduce your caloric intake for too long your body would go into catabolysis. But don’t worry, that would take 1 to 2 months of eating a very calorically restrictive diet. You can go as much as 72 hours without food and see a significant health benefit but I wouldn’t recommend going much longer.


How Many Weeks Do I Intermittent Fast For?

I recommend just making it a permanent lifestyle change. I generally fast 16 off 8 on Monday through Friday then on Saturday and Sunday I have brunch with my family around 10am, which makes it a 14 hour window. If I’m going to a dinner party or having a date night, I don’t worry about the window so much as variety is good to confuse adaptation and allow your body to continually adjust and get healthier.


What Can I Have During a Fast?

It’s pretty limited, you can only have water without anything in it (no lemon or cucumber), black coffee or tea. The caffeine in coffee is an appetite suppressant and I often have 8-12 ounces mid morning to help me get through a short period when I start to feel a little snackish. Drink lots of clean, cold filtered water during your fast, being appropriately hydrated helps to flush the metabolized fat from your body. Most of the benefits of fasting won’t be felt if you are dehydrated.

What Can I Eat to Break My Fast?

I crave complex carbohydrates and cooked vegetables so I often have oatmeal with honey and nuts or pasta with broccoli. This may sound bland but I buy high quality incredients and seasoned appropriatly with sea salt and a high quality pepper and these are delicious meals to start the day. A very high quality olive oil is also key to the pasta as it provides the bulk of the flavor.

Intermittent Fasting


  • Work from a 12 on 12 off window up to a 16 off 8 on window.
  • Increased energy, greater mental lucidity and focus.
  • Burns overall fat and visceral fat. 
  • Reduces grocery bill.
  • Adjusts your stomachs receptors to make you feel more full with fewer calories.


Comparison is to standard American diet.
  • COST 50% 50%
  • CONVENIENCE 100% 100%
  • DIFFICULTY 85% 85%

Virtual Personal Training

Virtual Personal Training doesn’t require traveling to your trainer or the cost of them traveling to you. 30 Minutes a day is all you really need to improve health and without the burden of driving, parking and changing in a gym or studio, virtual personal training makes 30 minute a day workouts more available and time-cost effective.

If your virtual personal trainer can record the workout, you can repeat it multiple times before your next meeting. This makes virtual personal training even more cost effective and consistent.


If you have a computer and a decent internet connection, that is all you really need.

Simple & Effective

1. Private Appointments

Meet your trainer in an interactive online appointment with only you and your personal trainer.

2. Consistent

Your Virtual Trainer can record their instruction for you to repeat in between live sessions.

3. Cost Effective

Appointments are generally 50% of the cost of in-person appointments. Made more cost effective when you count gas, time and gym membership dues.

In Conclusion

Virtual Personal Training is growing into a huge industry in the next year. In previous years, poor internet connections and lack of understanding how to log into online meetings made progress slow. Now that virtual appointments have become commonplace, people are searching for a virtual personal trainer more frequently. Most of us have gained some weight since the lockdowns have started and will need accountability and professional direction to get back on course to a healthy lifestyle. Make sure you meet your trainer online before you purchase any costly packages, you want to know that they have the actual technology to hold a quality session. Also, you want to determine that your online trainer will be able to provide you with the right intensity in the online format. It is a skill than not everyone has acquired.




The 30 Minute Workout

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