Personal Training FOR ADT



Your first appointment will consist of an initial consultation to reveiw the online forms you filled out and better understand your priority issues, current lifestyle and what changes you are able to make to conduct your prescribed exercise program.


As a Prostate Cancer Survivors (PCS) on Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT) you require an impact and resistance training program that progresses throughout the duration of your treatment. The POWIR4ADT protocol employs 9 exercises, bodyweight and band resistance, that targets vulnerable sites in your body which have a high probability of causing disability during your treatment. Our scientifically based program improves Bone Mineral Density in targeted sites in most men and reduces your risk of injury or further disability during ADT.



We like to be thorough and really understand your needs and abilities. We start with basic questions about injuries, history with fitness, current teatment plan and activities. We review the forms that you have previously filled out and ask you any questions we may have and get agreements from you on the frequency and intensity of the exercise you will be prescribed. Finally, we ask about your personal goals and aspirations and give you an honest plan of what it will take to fulfill your exercise prescription.


This appointment is a virtual fitness assessment. Please wear basic fitness attire and be prepared to do some body weight exercise. We will be looking at your range of motion in performing the 9 exercises of the POWIR protocol as well as any pain during movement and any physical limitations we should be aware of. We also do a short aerobic fitness test to determine your aerobic capacity as well. 


This is where we go to work behind the scenes designing the best workout to address your priority issues or get you right into the POWIR4ADT protocol. Each person has a unique need that we address so no two prescriptions are alike. We take our time to understand your energy levels, your time commitment, your lifestyle and what type of program is going to work the best for you.




It’s time to get started with your exercise medicine! Your third appointment is your first virtual personal training session, complete with your new custom program. Based on the information provided in your consult and assessment, you will be given a program to either address your priority issues or get right to the heart of your POWIR4ADT program. Either way you now have a coach that will help you progress to more intense exercise throughout your treatment.

You will also choose the type of program you would like to follow from 1-on-1 personal training to getting placed with a small group of men with similar fitness levels to following your own personal fitness plan at your own pace.


We offer super billing that you can submit to your insurance company to pay for services if they are covered under your current insurance offering.


Get your initial consult, functional movement assessment and first virtual personal training session for 20% off when you purchse it in a package.

Personal Training 4-Monthly Pass

Get 4 thirty minute Virtual Personal Training Sessions for ADT each month. We record each session for you to repeat the workout 2 or 3 more times before our next appointment. 

Personal Training 8-Monthly Pass

Get 8 thirty minute Virtual Personal Training Sessions for ADT each month. We record each session for you to repeat the workout 1 or 2 more times before our next appointment. 

Personal Training 12-Monthly Pass

Get 12 thirty minute Virtual Personal Training Sessions for ADT each month. We record sessions on request and do data tracking and analisys on daily activity. 

1-Time Personal Training

Purchase a one time 45 minute personal training session, which can be recorded upon request. 


Your first assessment will be about 45 minutes in length and will include a funcitional movement assessment, goal setting and an introduction to our online platform and how to prepare for your first personal training appointment.


Have a check-in with a program lead, get another functional movement assessment and re-evaluate your progress and possibly set new goals based on your current achievements.


Not sure how to proceed? Let’s get on a zoom call and see how we can help. You will come away from your initial conslutation with all the tools you will need to get started from what you need from your doctor to your initial virtual assessment.





30 Minutes

Research shows that just 20 mintues of high intensity exercise two times weekly will increase Bone Mineral Density (BMD) in your hips and spine. In fact a meta analysis of multiple studies concluded, “even small improvements in physical fitness are associated with a significant reduction in risk {of premature death}” (Health benefits of physical activity: the evidence  2006 Mar 14; 174(6): 801–809.)

We like to go above and beyond. We start you at an intensity that you are comfortable with and move you up in intensity to new levels of fitness as you adapt to the exercises. What may seem like an impossible task ahead becomes very easy when you start with incremental gains. It doesn’t have to be painful; start at a comfortable pace and move as fast as you’re comfortable with until we have you in your fully prescribed program. 


Our sessions are interactive. Any camera on a phone, tablet or computer will work. It’s very similar to a Zoom meeting or Facetime call. We have our own scheduling system where we will schedule your interactive virtual personal training appointment. You will be able to see how many sessions you have completed, how many you have left and when they are scheduled. You will also be able to access the recorded sessions, provided to privately to only you, from the same app. Your entire personal training studio is provided to you in one little app that only needs an internet connection with download speeds of 12mbps or better and an upload of 4 mbps or better.


We have mastered bodyweight workouts. Our virtual personal trainers will often start your program exclusively with bodyweight exercises. We do this because it is hard to move weights if you are unable to move your own bodyweight effectively.

If you have equipment, we will be happy to incorporate it when your virtual personal trainer and you decide it is appropriate in achieving your health and fitness goals.

If there is any equipment we recommend it is a good, slightly firm exercise mat and to keep you consistent and mobile, exercise bands when the time is right. They are great for increasing strength and protecting joints, plus, they are very inexpensive and portable.

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We are professional yet personal. Please schedule a free consultation if you are interested but still nervous about starting a new exercise program. Are passion is to get as many people healthy as we can at the lowest cost possible.