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Video Presentation by Professor Robert Newton, Ph. D.
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Exercise Medicine

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“Exercise medicine” is the physical assessment and prescription of exercise specifically for the prevention or treatment of injury or illness.
Exercise stimulates the body to produce its own medicine internally via immune system responses.

Exercise causes the release of this medicine through our internal biochemistry.

Exercise has the capacity to drive direct structural adaptation and repair.

Retaining muscle muscle mass and strength can reduce mortality by 41%.

Resistance and impact training is the only means to improve muscle mass and strength during ADT.

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Not a single study shows a detrimental effect of exercise on Cancer Patients.

Dosage of exercise has to be tailored to individual patients and where they are at.

Exercise Preserves Physical Function in Prostate Cancer Patients.

Multi modal, modular exercise prescription adjusted depending on the metastases site.

Comparison is to an in-person personal training session.
  • Reduction in Risk of Cancer Specific Mortality 37% 37%
  • Lower Adiposity Reduces Risk of Dying 35% 35%
  • Sarcopenia – Greater Risk of Dying 41% 41%
Significant improvement in physical functioning based on an appropriate exercise prescription. Supervised exercise improves overall survival in Prostate Cancer Patients.

The exercise prescription is complex. It is tailored to ameliorate issues causing greatest morbidity and mortality. It is mixed mode with emphasis depending on capacity and priorities. Periodized within the week, month and quarter. Aerobic exercise is moderate and continuous and resistance is High Intensity Interval Training. Training is Autoregulated based on client’s energy level and capacity on the training day. Nutritional support improves treatement.


If you have a computer and a decent internet connection, that is all you really need.

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1. Private Appointments

Meet your trainer in an interactive online appointment with only you and your personal trainer.

2. Consistant

Your Virtual Trainer can record their instruction for you to repeat in between live sessions.

3. Effective

Supervised physical fitness programs have shown to be more effective than self directed programs.

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Virtual Personal Training is growing into a huge industry in the next year. In previous years, poor internet connections and lack of understanding how to log into online meetings made progress slow. Now that virtual appointments have become commonplace, people are better versed at how to log into an online appointment.

Exercise is being recognized as an important factor in improving quality of life as well as improving treatment efficacy and overall outcome of cancer treatment. We take that very seriously at The Virtual Personal Trainer and make sure that we are up-to-date on all new research regarding this area of cancer treatment.


The 30 Minute Workout

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